• National Open Source Software and Standard policy
• National Open Source Software and Standard bureaus
• Open Source Software and Standard advocacy
• Consultancies
• Open Source Software and Standard solutions for administration, governance and citizen management
• Training for Government and other IT managers
• Migration from proprietary to Open Standards

• Open Source Clubs in elementary and secondary schools
• Teacher Training in FOSS (Elementary and Secondary School Teachers)
• Training in programming languages
• Organization of educational events
• Capacity Building – for University VCs, Tertiary Institutions lecturers and staffs.
• Capacity Building for – the Media
• Emphasis on developers and software
• Content development
• Network Developers
• Policies for higher institutions
• Championships, awards and prizes

• A Nigeria Certification policy
• Certification Training
• Support for Training Centers
• Support to certification candidates
• Harmonization of FOSS and IT certifications in Nigeria
• Partnerships with international certifying bodies
• FOSS curriculum that all organizations in Nigeria can use for certification and accepted internationally.

• Strengthening the Nigerian FOS Business Club
• Networking Nigerian businesses with International partners
• Support for the development of innovative business solutions
• FOSS business round tables
• Business-Academia (B2A) networking
• Business-Business (B2B) networking
• Business-Government (B2G) networking
• FOSS Business Directory

Software Engineering and Software Development
• Support for Developers
• Open Source Solutions for Millennium Development Goals
• Developer Clubs, round tables and source code camps
• Award and motivational prizes
• Research into innovative FOSS solutions
• International and continental Exchange programs for Developers
• Developer mentor programs

Training, Capacity Building and Resource Centers
• Government and private Open Source Resource Centers
• Source Code camps
• Sustain training for professional groups
• Road shows
• Widening and Strengthening of Open Source training
• Establishment and support for state or regional Open Source Training and Resource Centers.

• Promoting Nigerian FOSS experiences and expertise locally and internationally
• Liaison with the global Open Source communities
• Internationalization of a yearly Nigeria FOSS Conference and Digital Commons
• Support other FOSS Associations Linux Users groups and clubs
• Extend Donor base.
• Maintain a strong membership in Open Source Initiative (OSI)
• Maintain a strong membership in Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)
• Maintain a strong membership in Linux and Open Source Movement for e-Government and Education

• Strategic and coordinated FOSS advocacy and lobby
• Improved and documented FOSS capacity building and utilization
• Youth empowerment through FOSS skills acquisition
• Youth Leadership through the day to day administration of college working group, and deliberate leadership training
• FOSS developer and expert pool, for national software development and enterprise services and support
• Avenue for the nationwide promotion, marketing and distribution of FOSS products and services
• National and State FOSS Think-Tank
• Represent Nigeria as Link to all regional and international FOSS organizations
• Software localization and Internationalization
• Promotion of FOSS in National ICT education curriculum
• FOSS trade fairs, exhibitions, and competitions
• Promotion and support of FOSS solutions for business and organizational needs
• Encourage the adoption of FOSS in disadvantaged communities

Local and International Affiliations
• Open Source Initiative (OSI)
• Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)
• Linux and Open Source Movement for e-Government and Education
• Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)
• Computer Professional (Registration) Council of Nigeria (CPN)
• ICT Innovations
• Linux Professional Institute (LPI)