Our Vision

The vision of OSFON is to promote and advocate the use of FOSS and the FOSS model in the development of Nigeria.

Our Mission

The mission of Open Source Foundation For Nigeria (OSFON) is to promote and educate decision makers in Government, Education, NGOs, Businesses and Citizens on the advantages of using the Linux Operating System, Free and Open Source Applications and Open Standard.

Promotes the use of the FOSS model in Nigerian development.
Promotes the integration and adoption of FOSS in national policies.
Coordinates Nigeria's Free and Open Source Software efforts.
Uses OSFON expertise to add value to FOSS initiatives in Nigeria and the African continent.
Acts as Nigeria's FOSS voice.
Plays an interface role between national, international and continental (FOSSFA) FOSS efforts.
Contributes FOSS applications towards the achievement of women empowerment, the Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development in Nigeria.
Promotes FOSS expertise in Nigeria, creativity and industry.
Partners with development organizations who share same goals with OSFON.
OSFON will also serve as the Nigeria Chapter for Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)
Our Objectives

To encourage Federal Agencies, educators, NGOs and businesses to give equal priority to procuring Linux and Open Source software in all of their procurement decisions.
To generally provide an effective voice to the Federal government on behalf of the Open Source software community, private industry, academia and other Non-for-Profit.
To effectuate changes in government (Federal, State, Local) policies and practices so that all the government may more fully benefit from and utilize Open Source software and Standard.
To work with Tertiary Institutions in introducing “Open Source in Education” programmes.
To work with Tertiary Institutions to produce Open Source curriculum that would led to local and international standards in software development and entrepreneurships.
To help coordinate these communities to collaborate with the government (Federal, State, Local) on technology requirements.
To raise awareness and create understanding among government leaders in the executive and legislative branches about the values and implications of Open Source software.
To participate in standards development and other activities that may support Open Source missions of Choice, Reliability, Low Cost, Security, Fast and customized Development, Localization, Job Creation, Capacity Building, Innovation and Open Standard
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